who are we

We are a group of members of the Privilege Car Club and we believe in this club’s ethos and would very much like to invite people to enjoy all the benefits this amazing club offers.

What brings us together?

We are all members of this amazing Reward Based Crowdfunding Car Club called Privilege Car Club, who reside in Sussex. We are proud to be part of this revolutionary system and call ourselves Crowdfunding Cars Club (CFCC).

We are a group of people from all walks of life but with one common goal, that is, a desire to see everyone in our CFCC succeed and drive their dream car!

Our vision is to support and help you achieve your privilege of driving a brand new car of your choice every two years, from Privilege Car Club, for only £50/€60/$75 per month!

We firmly believe in Privilege Car Club’s crowdfunding approach, which is affordable and will provide the privilege to the many and not just the few. Crowdfunding concept is not to be confused with MLM as our emphasis is equality for all.

Never underestimate the Power of People. 

Many Small Sums Add Up To Much’.

We are people who look not only to our own interests but we take pride and pleasure in our commitment to assist to achieve each other’s goal. We each have different strengths and skills which when used in togetherness add up to something like a functional family.

If our vision and goals fit with your outlook on life, come and join us. We would love to meet you!

Want to know how this revolutionary system works?

Never underestimate the Power of People

‘Many Small Sums Add Up To Much’

Our Team

We are just ordinary people, don’t expect us to be perfect, but we are open, honest and consider that integrity and transparency are important priorities in our lives.
Ian G Downie

Ian G Downie

Region leader, Founder Member

Ian is a Founder Member of PCC. He is a family man married to Heather for almost thirty years. His occupation is as an Aviation Technical Engineering Consultant and he has travelled extensively worldwide. His experience includes holding posts as a Director of two UK limited companies and Ian has nearly two decades experience in the Direct Selling Industry. He is Pastor of a local Christian Church in West Sussex. For Ian, the opportunity to introduce people to the Privilege Car Club is a joy as he knows how this will bring a valuable freedom to many households for many years to come.

email:  ian.downie@www.crowdfundingcars.club
mobile:  (+44) 07989392901




Founder Member

email: heather.downie@www.crowdfundingcars.club
mobile: (+44)07816 302 706




Founder Member

An experienced aircraft engineer who is very practical and a far-sighted father of two. An attentive and well-spoken gentlemen.

email: chris.hardy@www.crowdfundingcars.club
mobile: (+44) 07758286857




Founder Member

Entrepreneurial by nature, has own photography business, with years of experience as a software and civil engineer and the designer of this website.

Email: ching@www.crowdfundingcars.club
mobile: (+44) 07738011298