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Private members reward-based crowdfunding club designed to help people, especially those with families, to dramatically reduce the expensive cost of motoring.


Reduce The Financial Burden

Cars are an essential part of our lives, we use them for work and leisure. The cost of motoring is ever rising, and next to housing, it is the second biggest recurring family outlay!  With privilege car club’s community membership, expensive car costs are a thing of the past. A small regular monthly payment takes care of all costs except fuel and cleaning.

No credit Check

You become the ‘Registered Keeper’; The Club ‘owns’ the car so you don’t need to pass a credit check.

no high interest on finance

No one has to ‘Borrow’ any money to fund cars, so there are no interest charges to be paid – by anyone!

no large deposits

Car purchases are made by the Club in cash; so no-one pays anyone any ‘Deposit’ at all.


The Club is able to buy cars at discounts of around 30-35% from the ‘On The Road’ (OTR) advertised purchase prices. After 2 years your car is sold at approx 40% depreciation from OTR price; so everyone is happy!


As all cars are paid for in cash prior to delivery, there’s no requirement for you or the Club to pay ‘Interest’ payments at all.

No worry about high insurance

The Club will ask your insurance status and anticipated mileage when you ‘Qualify’ for your car; two years of insurance are factored into the value of car you can drive – no worries!


Servicing & Maintenance costs are factored in when the Club buys the car you will drive; so you don’t need to pay for these.

How Does It Work

This short video will give you a better insight of how our Membership Only Crowd Funding Club works.

Worry Free Driving

Full warranty

Most cars have a two year manufacturer’s warranty included at purchase, if not the Club will pay for it. How great is that!

High Milege allowance

You won’t get charged excess mileage with the Club car. The average mileage for Club Members is 15,000 a year, if you expect to do more, just let the Club know when you Qualify.

Breakdown cover

To protect you in the unlikely event that your Brand New Car lets you down, the Club pays for Breakdown cover to give you extra peace of mind.

Advertising bonus

Build a Career as an Ambassador

Our Membership Only Crowd Funding Club uses a vertical tracking system that will reward you for sharing. Once you qualify to have your car, you can become a PCC ambassador, where you can build a career by just helping others to do the same as you while receiving your advertising bonus of £1000 or more per month. The more people you help the more advertising bonus you can get.

PCar Coin

We have more to offer – PCar Coin (crypto currency)

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