Welcome to join Us

You will enjoy the many benefits privilege car club will bring to you.

Step 1

If you haven’t got a Sponsor ID please contact the person who introduced or invited you to get his/her Member ID as your Sponsor ID.

Step 2

Get the Sponsor ID ready, head to the Privilege Car Club to signup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently our club is undergoing developments to allow access to new members from across the world. There is another website that you can joining to show your interest and we will ensure that you receive email updates at the earliest possibility. Please contact your Sponsor for joining details.   

Step 3

Once you have signed up with Privilege Car Club. Contact us. We will add you to our team, and we will help each other to build his/her team!

Step 4

Choose a BRAND NEW car of your choice upon qualification, and renew every 2 years. Happy safe driving. 

Enjoy Driving a brand new car of your choice for £50/60/$75 per month!